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Aberdare Cables, a member of the Powertech Group, is a leading African manufacturer of cables with five manufacturing sites, in three provinces of South Africa, and offshore operations in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain.

Aberdare LogoThe company's customer base includes power supply authorities, railway and transport organisations, municipalities, and companies in industries such as petrochemical, mining, wholesale, industrial, construction and domestic building. The company manufactures
and sells a wide range of state of the art products with customer specific adaptation, design capabilities and full technical back-up service. Aberdare Cables prides its self on its ability to identify and satisfy customer needs through development of innovative products; unique, cost effective cable solutions for a wide range of industries. This and their extensive project experience make them the supplier of choice for cable, related accessories and special cable projects.

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Technology focus
Aberdare Cables pursues ongoing technology development programmes, and through active association
with its local and overseas affiliates, continues to remain at the forefront of technology. The company has been recognised internationally as a pioneer in cable advancements. Aberdare serves on a number of SABS and International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) cable working groups. As much as ten years ago, in a move towards facilitating the provision of electricity for all countrywide, Aberdare Cables designed products with an emphasis on cost efficiency of electrification.

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To this end, Aberdare created its Electrodac range, which is aimed specifically at facilitating rural electrification
by lowering the cost of electricity delivery. More recently, in accordance with Siemens specifications, Aberdare produced an unarmoured cable, with stringent fire characteristics, that was designed to reduce the propagation of fire by cables. This cable is used at Eskom's open-cycle gas turbine generators at Mossel Bay and Atlantis.
To cater for international markets, Aberdare introduced fire survival cable with stringent properties that allow continuous operation and circuit integrity for extended periods during a fire.

Quality focus
Aberdare Cables is a fore runner in the industry with regard to quality. The manufacturing, quality assurance, testing and research resources of Aberdare are of a world-class standard. In fact, the company was one of the first companies in South Africa to be awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Quality Assurance Certification, and has been ISO 9001 compliant for many years. Aberdare Cables is UL listed and has Basec QA accreditation.

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